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The Pit Stands Silent

The Pulley wheels are broken, they ain't gonna turn no more.
The engineman's redundant, and the ropes are on the floor.
The engine now stands silent, it has no chairs to raise.
No longer the thrashing pistons as in better days.
No banksman any longer, no one to count the skips.
Memories long forgotten, as we recall owd Whip.
All things are now still; silent as a stone.
No one there to answer the incessant ringing of the phone.

There up in the Prep Plant, if I remember right,
The message coming through 'We're stood for magnetite'.
We were often stood for empties.
Had to get across the yard,
Turning out the shunters from their game of cards.
Nothing we could do, nothing left to mend.
Branny shouting loudly for more sweetener for the blend!

Joiners' shop is done now, no more the screaming saw.
Last person out couldn't bear to close the door.
Across then to the blacksmiths'.
No more hammers swinging,
No more tapping hammer to set the anvils a-ringing.

We peep into the welding shop expecting a crash of plate.
No welcoming shout from there of 'aye up, mate!'.
On then to the next place, as an afterthought.
May as well pop in and see owd Albert Short.
Up the steps, dodging the scrap, into the fitting shop.
Everything's upside down there, it doesn't look much cop.
On then to the 'trician's' shop, nothing at all in there.
Everything's been taken out, even Harry's chair.

Round into the garages, looking for the cat.
No sign of any drivers, looks like I've had that!
All that I have written may, to you, seem trash
But the thing I wanted to do, was to get on the rewash.
Nobody on the muckside, no one on the blended.
Methinks I might as well pack up now,
My story has ended.

J. L. Sorsby

The pit closed in 1990 when the population was 2053. The clearance of this site made way for developers and many new homes have now been built.