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Goodbye, My Beautiful Garden

'The time is nigh', the builders said,'for you to vacate your plot',

'We've left you just a little bit and that is all you've got'.

A garden and an orchard that once bloomed beautiful and fair

Has been destroyed now and no-one seems to care

To recall the years down there that I have lovingly spent,

In tune and love with Mother Nature, and I have been content.

Gardening to me was a pleasure, ne'er was it a strife.

In fact, for two score years and ten, 'twas a big part of my life.

The countless hours of ploy and also of great pleasure,

No matter what happens now, these memories I'll always treasure.

Things are happening now that simply did not ought to.

Destroying wild life willy nilly, just for bricks and mortar.

In the distant future when no-one has time for words,

Until suddenly someone will stand up and say, 'Where are all the birds?'

And 'Where have all the trees and hedgerows gone that made our country green?

These will be the problems that so-called 'wise men' should have seen.

The crisis that will happen, in fact it's overdue;

So call to arms all nature lovers, it all depends on you.

Soon there'll be no more countryside,

Just concrete jungles side by side.

Is this then to be our future legacy

For the generations yet to be?

J. L. Sorsby