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Friday Night's Bath Night

When we here the Curfew Bell,

Everyone has a tale to tell.

As we wind our homeward way,

Play and school finished for the day.

Friday is a different night,

Everything must be just right,

All things are just right and proper,

Mother she has filled the copper,

Says to Dad, Get a bit more coil

Else watters never going to boil

Then Dad, because hes pretty tall,

Reached the bath down off the wall

Plonks it down upon the rug,,

Where its nice and warm and snug,

Fills the bath with the ladling tin,

Come on, who's the first in?,

Make a dash and feared in trippin,

Cos the first one out has the pick of the Drippin ,

Then we have SCOTTS WHITE emulsion,

Taken with a lot of repulsion.

Up in the attic, we call the Gods,

Thats after having a dose of Senna Pods.

Praying to God, our souls to keep,

Tucked in nicely and off to sleep.

J. L. Sorsby