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Fondly Remembered

I have spent a very enjoyable hour looking through the information of Treetonweb.

My name is Elizabeth Bailey nee Cook. My parents, Marion (Lyne) and Sydney Cook, along with their 5 children, left Treeton for Canada in 1957. We lived at 22 Treetown Crescent.

My Aunt Mavis (Lyne) and Uncle Ivan Kelk lived just down the road from us. I was a girl of 7 at the time we emigrated. My sister Glenys, the eldest child was 10 and Jim was 9, John was 6 and Peter was almost 4. All of the school age kids attended the infant school.

Bluebells in Treeton Wood
My grandmother, Alma Lyne lived on Wood Lane.

I remember the woods which we called Blue Bell Wood.

I can still conjure the aroma of the blue bells as we walked through them.

Marion and Syd Cook are living in Omemee, Ontario, age 83 and 82 respectively. We still have relatives in the area (Handsworth) aunt Brenda Lyne. Her children, Martin, Sharon and Diane, we have lost touch with, regrettably.

Our family grew to be 7 children with the addition of the Canadian born kids, Andrew and Angela. We now have children and grandchildren of our own. My daughter Virginia is expecting her 5th child in April.

We have had great success in Canada , it is a truly beautiful place to live; but Treeton lives on in all our hearts, fondly remembered, always our heart's home.

Liz Bailey