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The Magazine of the Treeton County School

June 1948

Magazine Cover page     


Foreward by Edmund Blueman

Editorial Kenneth Smedley, Bernard Staniforth

Concerning Many Things

The Royal Show by Brian Havard

Bird & Tree County Challenge Competition by A. Pashley

Playing for England by Jesse Pye

The Bridge by Enid Carey

The Tree by Enid Webster

Spectres by Christine Mason

Foreign Correspondence D. B. Ajayi

A Holiday in Belgium by Keith Havard

University Life by D. N. Smith

At The Baths by R. Harvey

Kate by John Stewart

Home by Malcolm Allsopp

Letter From Canada Shirley Taylor

Rotherham Boys Team: Seasons 1946-47, 1947-48 by F. Williams, Kimberworth Secondary Modern School

What a Day by Stuart Ross

My Pet by Jean Smith

My Doll by Janet Waddams

Spring by Ann Spencer

Stage Fright by Kathleen Nicolette Chapman

Mother Knows Best by Margaret Brookes

Our Puppet Show by Jacqueline G. P. Smith

Treeton Community Centre, Playing Fields and Memorial Scheme Chairman:E.Blueman, Secretary: T.O.Rossington, Treasurer:J.Bloom

The School Concert by John Lyne

Treeton Youth Club by W. Spencer

House Notes - Gordon (Red)

House Notes - Cook (Blue)

House Notes - Scott (Green)

Senior Sports Champions: Enid Carey and John Lyne

Junior Sports Champions: Gordon Johnson,Moreen Allsopp

Results of House Matches

Inter-School Games

Annual Sports Day

First Three Home John Lyne,Derek Walker,David Lowe

Table of Results

Honours 1947