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Treeton Horticultural Society

Treeton Horticulture Society logoAlthough a Garden and Allotment Society existed in the village in the late 1930's and 40s, it was not until 1952 that Treeton Horticultural Society was founded by L. E. Hinchliffe and H. Bloom .

Its first Flower Show was held on Saturday August 22nd, 1953, in the Canteen Field, alongside Wood Lane. This was followed by one show every year in various fields in Treeton. As the years went by, in spite of inclement weather on many occasions, the shows got bigger and increased in popularity.

With the inclusion of Horse and Pony Jumping, Gymkana events, Dog Shows,large Horticultural Sections and many and varied field events, Treeton Show became a major village event.

Treeton Horticulture Society MembersDuring 1959 and 1960, the show attracted attendance of close on 2000 people, probably the highest recorded gathering of people in the village at any one time.

In 1962, it was recorded that the Society enjoyed a membership of more than 200, with many of its members living outside the village. At that time its annual turnover was well over 1000, its activities were many and varied.

Meetings and Shows were held monthly, and each year a Gardeners Service and Spring Flower Show were held in early May.

Horticultural Competitions took place, and the Society itself from around 1957, entered a National Garden Competition at Brighton .

Harold Bloom, his wife Flo, their daughter Patricia aged 11, with the Mayor and Mayoress of Brighton, Alderman and Mrs. Alan Johnson and the judge Mr. W. M. Campbell Brighton Flower Show
Mr. Bloom and family were present at Preston Park Brighton, in 1960, when Treeton Horticultural Society won the first prize in the Garden of Greeting Competition. Mr. Bloom, a keen gardener, served on the Treeton's Society Committee.

The garden at Brighton designed by Treeton Horticultural Society in the Gardens of Greeting competition, in which they won first prize. Also in the picture are Brighton's famous Promettes, twins Pam and Penny Mitchell.
Brighton Flower Show
Apart from creating considerable local interest, the competition provided pub;icity in many parts of the country, as well receiving TV, Radio and Newspaper coverage.

Treeton always did well in this competition. In 1959 winning 3rd Prize; 1960 - 1st; 1962 - 4th; 1963 - 3rd; 1966 - 1st and 1972 - 2nd Prize.

Probably the success of the Society, apart from its lively and energetic officials, was its ability to keep presenting to the public and its members - fresh ideas.

One idea was introduced in 1962. It was the Show Garden, where the society selected a villagers garden and set it out with plants and flowers for a summer display. The first garden to be selected was that of Ron Roddison of Treetown Crescent.

World Of Colour was another venture by the society. Leslie Hinchliffe and Lewis Thomas produced Slide Shows, which although originally were meant to be fund raisers for the Horticultural Society, provided considerable enjoyment and pleasure to many in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Much hard work, and enthusiasm went into the productions which made for a pleasant evenings entertainment. Illustrated brochures were produced and music was always part of the production.

The original aim in producing the colour slide film shows was to raise money for Treeton Horticultural Society.

The Seed Shop In February 1964 the Seed Shop was started, thanks to Walter Farmer, who allowed the society to rent part of the Cottage Stores on Wood Lane, for the purchase of fertiliser and seeds. Ken Armitage was elected Seed Order Secretary, a founder member of the society he acted as Chief Steward at the annual shows and in 1959 was made General Secretary.

Ken Armitage assisted by Bill Bloom
Ken Armitage and Bill Bloom

Satisfied Customers
Bill Bloom

Later the Seed Shop was moved to bigger premises on Washfield Lane, thanks to local farmer Jim Alton, the Society's President.

The Village Garden - In the late sixties the ambition was to build a Village Garden which was completed in 1967. The garden was situated at the top of Well Lane, an ideal situation with wonderful views over the countryside

The Official Opening of Treeton Village Garden
Opening of Treeton Village Garden


Mrs. Evans at the Opening of Treeton Village Garden
opening of Treeton Village Garden, 1967 opening of Treeton Village Garden, 1967
opening of Treeton Village Garden, 1967 opening of Treeton Village Garden, 1967
opening of Treeton Village Garden, 1967 opening of Treeton Village Garden, 1967

Up to and including December 1968, three films had been produced and shown 167 times to more than 90 organisations covering a wide area. Included were Worksop, Doncaster, Bradford, Dewsbury, Sheffield, Goole and, of course, Rotherham. Eddie Hinchliffe covered around 2000 miles over a three year period and raised more than 600 for Society funds.

Horticultural Society's

Pet Show,

from 1966


Treeton Horticultural Society Seed Shop, pictured here, sadly closed its doors in April 1999, there was no longer enough support to make it worth keeping it open.


Wouldn't it be wonderful, if Treeton could once again have a Village garden?


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