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James Barrow Piggin and Rothervale Collieries Staff

The photograph below, was taken at the retirement presentation to the manager of Treeton pit, Mr James Barrow Piggin in 1940.

Born on the 23rd March 1875 in Nottingham,he started out as a mining engineer at Waleswood Colliery, eventually becoming under-manager . He was manager of Thurcroft colliery from circa 1909, was still manager in 1918 ; and by the age of 34 had risen to general manager of the Rothervale Collieries from 1922 to 1940.

He married Sarah Ellen "Nellie" Richardson (1872-1946) on the 22nd August 1910. It is noted that a Sarah Richardson of the same age was recorded in the 1891 census being employed as a Domestic Servant at the home of John Radley in Ulley.

He was Chairman of Treeton Parish Council from 1915 to 1917

I understand from his family that James Barrow Piggin lived initially at Treeton House , then in Rotherham, and finally at Treeton Hall. They employed a cook, Nora, as well as a general maid.

It was customary for the managers of the colliery to live at Treeton House, often remembered for it's very imposing entrance hall and grand staircase.

On retirement, he moved back to Nottingham where he hailed from. He died on the 12th February 1948

View the Ancestry of James Barrow Piggin.

Rothervale Collieries Staff Photograph

Names identified include:

1. Jim Havard 2. ? 3. ? 4. Tom Hudson 5. ? 6.Fred Mozley 7. ? 8. ? 9. ? 10. Laurie Payne 11. ? 12.? 13. ? 14. Cyril Norris 15. Dudley Garner 16. ? 17. John McCanan 18. Joe Shenton 19.Alex McQueen

20. Tom Rossington 21.Clifford or Alan Banks22. Syd Pashley 23.Ted Lewis 24. ? 25.Tom Yeardley 26. Frank Pollard 27. ? 28. Roy Furniss 29. ? 30. John Williams 31. ? 32. ? 33. Les Harvey 34.Fred Hewlett 35. Joe Bloom 36.Ted Hitchen 37.Bill Rossington 38.? 39. ? 40. ? 41. Arthur Cownley 42.George Haigh 43.?44.Fred Brown 45. ? 46. Bob Jones 47.Harry Blades 48.? Gibson

49. ? 50.Dennis Havard 51.Frances Legge 52.Edith Rotherforth 53. Edith Manship 54.? 55.? 56. Ken Wright 57. Arthur Jukes 58.Stan Norris 59.Harry Barnes 60.Wilf Cable 61.Ron Box 62.?

63.? 64. ? 65. Elsie Harrison 66.? 67. Brenda Manship 68.Bob Staley 69.Margaret Longford 70. Marjorie Francis (Nuttall) 71. Edith Blackburn 72.Marjorie Woodcock 73. ? Rutherford 74.? 75. Mary Laughton 76. Margaret Haile 77. Bessie Laughton 78. Enid Morgan (Cummins) 79.Peggy Holmes 80.Mary Gibson 81.Muriel Rodgers 82.Margaret Sawyer 83.? 84. Audrey Gilbert 85. ? 86. ?

Bottom Row 87.Teddie Williams 88. ? Symons 89.Sydney Bacon 90. Sir Walter Benton-Jones 91. Capt.C.F.Ward-Jones 92. James B. Piggin 93.Thomas B. Adkins 94.? 95.V. M. Castleman 96.? 97. John England 98. ? 99.?

Here is a numbered profile which may help you to identify people

Profile of Rothervale Collieries Staff Photograph

Mr. Piggin's successor was William (Bill) Cox. He lived in the middle house of the terrace of three which stands high up opposite the War Memorial on Station Road - then known as Cockholme. He never moved to Treeton House. A Jimmy Mallen did live there while colliery manager, he later moved to a house near Aughton crossroads.

Rothervale Collieries Staff Photograph

This photo has been in one of the Photo galleries . I thought it was Treeton Parish Councillors. After looking at the photo above, I presume it is Management of Rother Vale Collieries. Can you help me identify the people ? Please Email

Back Row :
Seated: 2nd right Charles E. Frost


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