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The Other Treeton Website

Those of you who use Search Engines, will no doubt be aware of the 'Treeton Estates' website in Australia.
Treeton Estate is a boutique vineyard winery located in the "Margaret River Wine Region" of Western Australia.

Location of Treeton Estate

As a result of questions asked by viewers of this site, I decided to e-mail the site owner asking the origins of Treeton Estates in Perth. Their reply was as follows:

My husband's family were from a mining town in Scotland. Treeton is a Location name stemming from the Group Settlement system from post WW1 where groups of people from the UK moved to Australia. The Treeton Location is about 3kms up the road from our winery. The street names leading to Treeton Estate are Treeton Rd and we are on North Treeton Rd. My husband chose the name because it described our tree lined surrounds perfectly and because it had the perfect balance of syllables.

We have had a few visitors from Treeton in the UK and it is always a pleasure to chat with them. I'm sending you a picture of our lable with this email.

Treeton Estate,Margaret River

Thanks for your interest.
Cheers and regards,

David & Corinne McGowan
Lot 1, North Treeton Road
PO Box 219
Western Australia 6284
Phone (08) 97555481
Fax (08) 97555051


Refer to Treeton Estate Blog The naming of Treeton, July 2009

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