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Village Organisations

All the following organisations were active in 1937 and officials details are taken from a brochure of that year, unless noted otherwise.

Treeton, Catcliffe and Orgreave Nursing Association

Formed in 1898. Chairman: Rev. E. Page; Secretary: Mrs. R. Staley; Treasurer: Mr. F. J. Miller; Nurse: Nurse Bawcutt

Old Folks Treats Committee

Formed in 1923. President: Sir Walter Benton Jones; Chairman: Mr. J. W. Cummins; Secretary: Mrs. R. J. Duckenfield; Treasurer: Mr. W. Bawcutt; Auditor: Mr. R. Staley.

Boy Scouts - 19th Rotherham (St. Helens,Treeton)

Officers - GSM: Mr. R. J. Rodgers; RSL: Mr. S. Scroop; ARSI: Mr. E. Carey; SM: Mr. J. D. Glynn; ASM: Mr. G. Stanley; CM: Mr. L. Gude; ACM: Mr. G. R. Fox; Chaplain: Rev. W. F. Kerr, Rector.

During the second World War, the group was disbanded. Past Scout eaders include : John Sorsby, Robert Spink and G. Stanley . Roy Bloom was for many years leader of the Cubs

Girl Guides

Officers - Captain: Miss E. Pashley; Lieutenant: Miss A. Hirst; Officer: Miss J. Thomson; Ranger Leader : Miss A. Pashley; Tawny Owl : Miss M. Wildsmith.

Independent Order Of Oddfellows (Manchester Unity)

Established in 1844

Order of Druids (Rotherham Equalised District)

Founded 30th June, 1888 by Dr. Kenny

Treeton Cricket Club

Chairman: Mr. A. J. Winspear; Treasurer: Charles E. Frost; Secretary: Mr Joe Shenton. See also » »

Treeton Reading Rooms Football Club

President: Mr. L. M. Batty; Chairman: Mr. J. Spencer; Secretary: Mr. J. Smith; Treasurer: Mr. C. V. Rossington.

Treeton Tennis Club

Formed in 1928. Chairman - Mr. C. Roberts; Secretary: Mr. George Bloom

Treeton and Orgreave Colliery Bowling Club

Formed about 1930 President: Mr. J. G. Lister; Chairman: Mr. J. Williams; Secretary: Mr. J. Haywood; Captain: Mr. J. Haywood; Vice-Captain: Mr. F. Smith.

Past officials include: K. Eadon, Secretary, 1962; G. Manship, Chairman 1954 - 1962

Treeton Colliery Ambulance Class

Chairman: Mr. J. B. Piggin; Secretary: Mr. B. Wright; Surgeon-Instructor: Dr. G. R. Carruth; Instructors: Messrs. R. J. Rodgers and F. Rodgers.

Treeton and Orgreave Colliery Institute

President:Mr. J. B. Piggin; Chairman: Mr. J. B. Piggin; Secretary: Mr. T. A. Hudson; Treasurer: Mr. H. Utley.

Treeton Ex-Servicemens Association

Chairman: Mr. J. W. Woodhouse; Secretary: Mr. H. Rodgers; Treasurer: Mr. J. T. Rodgers.

Treeton Miners Welfare Club

Chairman: Mr. J. B. Piggin; Secretary: Mr. T. A. Hudson.

Situated on Arundel Road, once mainly patronised by miners, now open to all . Past officials include: Secretary Ernest Hitchen, and Steward E. Middleton

Garden and Allotment Society

Was formed in the late 30's , no further details. See also Treeton Horticultural Society »

Pigeon Club

There were many enthusiasts in the village who were members of the Catcliffe and District Homing Society whose secretary in 1982 was Mr. A. Wright.

Darby and Joan Club

The Derby and Joan Club was formed in 1952 under the leadership of Mrs. Hircocks to provide the opportunity each week for the older people to get together for a meal and entertainment. In addition to the weekly meetings outings and holidays were arranged.


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