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Sir Frederick J. Jones

Sir Frederick J. Jones,mining Engineer, was born at Willenhall, Staffordshire in 1853; he was the first Chairman of Treeton Parish Council in 1895. He remained Chairman until 1899.

In 1881 he was living at Treeton With his wife and family and 2 servants:

Sir Frederick John Jones, was twice president of the Mining Association of Great Britain, and sometime president of the Coal conciliation Board of England and Wales. The son of Mr. Thomas Jones, of Walsall, he was educated at Repton and Trinity College, Cambridge. He had taken a leading part for many years in the commercial and industrial life of South Yorkshire, and as head of the Rother Vale group of collieries, after, the United Steel Companies, presided over the meetings of the South Yorkshire Coal- owners’ Association. He was chairman of the United Coke and Chemicals Company, the Workington Harbour and Dock Board, and the Yorkshire Coalowners’ Mutual Indemnity Company, was formerly chairman for many years of the Yorkshire Engine Company, and was a director of Steel Industries of Great Britain, the British Wagon Company, the Frodingham Iron and Steel Company, and the Appleby Iron Company. Sir Frederick, who was created a baronet in 1919, was twice married.

His wife was Annie E. Jones. She died on 10th December, 1893 aged 40 years. She was interred at St. Helens Treeton.

burial service book burial service book burial service book

The Marble Angel, St.Helens Treeton


Sir Frederick erected a Marble Statue in memory of his wife which can be seen at St.Helens Parish Church, Treeton


He died at his Lincolnshire seat, Irnham Hall, in May, 1936, at the age of 82,


17th November, 1908
Newspaper Cutting

Marion, second daughter of F. J. Jones married James Wortley in November, 1908 at Treeton. James was the son of James Dixon Fawcett of Whirlow Court, Sheffield.

Katharine Mary Jones the daughter of Sir Frederick John Jones, married Lt.Col. William Herbert Olivier in 1933, their daughter, Julie Katharine was born in 1941.


An extract from an Official programme of the Celebrations at Treeton - in which the village celebrated the Coronation of King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth:


Such generous and spontaneous actions are typical of the interest and concern which Capt C. F. Ward Jones displays for the welfare of Treeton, and in this he is perpetuating the example of his father, the late Sir Frederick Jones, Bart, and of his brother, Sir Walter Benton Jones, Bart.



According to the 1923 edition of the Colliery Year Book and Coal Trades Directory ,F. J. Jones lived at Irnham Hall, Grantham and was a Director of United Steel Companies Ltd. His name was listed as a Director again in 1933



Irnham Hall

Irnham Hall, built in the Tudor style in 1510 by Richard Thimbleby - a large and handsome mansion standing near the church and surrounded by 264 acres of woodland park. The family who once held the manor here also owned the Luttrell Psalter. The estate was sold in 1854 to William Hervey Woodhouse, a Liverpool wine merchant, in 1871, Irnham Hall was occupied by H. F. Beaumont, MP. In 1900, Robert Bruce WARD was the occupant, then Sir Frederick Benton Jones whose descendants, Sir Simon Benton Jones and Lady Margaret Benton Jones still live there.

Griffin House

Harold Clegg was foreman of Treeton Cottage stores, and was employed by Sir Walter to make alterations to his 'mansion', which appears to be Griffin House, now the Griffin Inn
Treeton Cottage Stores Staff


Mansion at Irnham, Lincs Mansion at Irnham, Lincs Mansion at Irnham, Lincs
Building alterations
Building alterations at Irnham Hall Building alterations Building alterations
Building alterations Building alterations Building alterations Building alterations

Charles Frederick Ward Jones

Capt. F. J. Jones, Bart

In 1947 at the time of Nationalisation, he was a Director of:

Source: 1947 Colliery Year Book and Coal Trades Directory

He lived at Harness Grove, Worksop, which was in Ratcliffe, Worksop.

Sir Walter Benton Jones

Born in September, 1880, he was educated at Repton and Trinity College, Cambridge and joined The Rother Vale Collieries in 1902. He was appointed secretary in 1906, director in 1909 and in 1915 became the Managing Director.

According to The Durham Mining Museum website Sir Walter Benton Jones held various positions:

He married Lily Marguerite, daughter of James Dixon Fawcett. She died in 1938.

Sir Walter died in December, 1967 aged 87. His heir is his son Peter Fawcett-Benson.

18th November, 1918

Whirlow Brook

Extract from Dore Website

Whirlow Brook was the home of Sir Walter and Lady Benton-Jones. Sir Walter was an industrialist in the city and I believe came originally from Bourne in Lincolnshire. When Lady Benton-Jones died she was interred in the grounds, and was exhumed when the family gave up residency. Sir Walter employed a number of staff. Lady Benton-Jones chauffeur was John (Jack) Jenkins. He lived with his wife and family in one of the two houses to the right of the brook facing the Hathersage Road. When the Benton- Jones left Whirlow, Jack continued as chauffeur for United Steel Co and moved to a house on the Meadway. Several children were christened in a beautiful christening robe belonging to the Benton- Jones family, including Jacks grandchildren, Linda and John and my son Nick

We have had contact via our Guestbook with John In Vancouver who tells us :

1937 Rolls Royce
I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I just purchased a 1937 Rolls Royce 25/30 limousine. I am restoring the vehicle and tracing the history of the vehicle. I have been able to establish that the vehicle was originally purchased by Captain C.F. Ward-Jones from Great Britain. The date of sale was Nov 17,1936, delivery was in 1937. I have found this website with Capt. C.F. Ward Jones mentioned as the son of Sir Frederick Jones, Bart, who was chairman of Treeton's first parish. I was wondering if any family of this gentleman are still in Treeton or if anyone knows how I can contact them. I would like to clarify if this is the same Capt. C.F. Ward-Jones, if so I would like to get some history, find out who purchased it from him and possibly get a photo of the Capt. with his vehicle. I also think his family may be interested in the whereabouts and distant travels of the Capt's vehicle.

Further correspondence, after I was able to inform him that the Head Chauffeur was named Percy Ashworth, whose daughter still lives in Treeton.

I am in the process of restoring it. I was able to get a copy of the order form for the vehicle from the Rolls Royce factory with the Caption name on it. The reseach begins there. To have a copy of his picture is wonderful. If you have other information no matter how small please forward it to me. I would like to get a picture of the car if possible and perhaps one with the Chauffeur or the Captain. I would like to paint the car the original color but so far I have not been able to find out what that is. I am going to try finding out more with the information you have provided me with. Many thanks and I will be in touch again. Some day i would like to travel to the UK. If I do I will look you up and return to favour.

If you think you can help John in Vancouver with further information, please Contact us


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